Write Your Halloween Story. Fill in the Blanks.

Halloween Stories can be lots of fun for families, Moms, Dads, and especially kids.  Yes, this is definitely a kid's story.  Remember the fun of dressing up for Halloween as a child, wandering the neighborhood in the search of trick or treat candy?

"My Halloween Story"

Write your own Halloween story here without worrying about grammar, spelling, and thinking. Fill-in each of the blanks below using your own personal family information then click on "Write Story" to create your own kid-friendly Halloween story today. (And share the fun with your friends!)

halloween pumpkins

Your First Name:
Something to Hide Behind:
Your Last Name:
Friend's First Name:
Are you Male or Female:
A Piece of Furniture:
Your Age:
A word expressing Anger:
Your Mother's First Name:
Your Favorite Beverage:
Your Favorite Color:
A Room in Your House:
Your City:
Your Favorite Hobby:
Your State:
Your Father's Name:
An animal:
Your Favorite Store:
Your Favorite TV Show:
Someone's Back Side:


You have a Great Halloween Story. Erase it and start another or share with a friend!

baby surrounded by autumn leaves

"Who won the skeleton beauty contest?"

"No body."

"Why did the monster eat a lightbulb?"

"Because he wanted a light snack."

"Why do mummies make great spies?"

"Because they're good at keeping things under wraps."

mother and sun playing in fall leaves

"Where do baby ghosts go during the day?"

"Day Scare Centers."

"What's as sharp as a vampire's fang?"

"His other fang."  (Ba-da-boom)

"Why did the witches team lose the ballgame?"

"Because their bats flew away."

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