Wet Kitty Cats

Wet Kitties. There just nothing like a wet cat or wet kitties. (Perhaps it's good cats only have 9 lives). A wet cat does not look like a cat.  A wet dog looks like a wet dog. A wet kitty Looks more like an A-L-I-E-N than a feline.

A Wet Dog Still Looks Like a Dog

Yep. It's a dog. Swimming and wet.

golden retriever swimming with a stick

And yep. It's still a dog. Dry and happy.

happy attentive blond retriever dog

A Wet Kitty is Another Story

That's right. Wet kitties just don't look the same as they do when dry and happy.

Alien Wet Kitty Cat 1

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"What are you doing? Why are you pulling my body apart? No wait. That water's cold! It's wet! I'm a kitty cat, I hate getting wet!!"

alien wet kitty cat yellow tabby

Alien Wet Kitty Cat 2

"You cannot hold me here! I am a prince on my planet. Heads will roll. You will be held accountable for your deplorable actions toward me. Water! What were you thinking!"

alien looking wet black kitten

Alien Wet Kitty Cat 3

"You lied to me! You promised to pamper me. You said you would treat me to something special! Water! Soap!! Shampoo!!! And Conditioner!!!!"

wet black and white kitty cat meowing

Alien Wet Kitty Cat 4

"I came to you as an emissary of peace. I trusted you. I placed myself in your hands to develop greater understanding between the races of our planets. And look what you've done!"

little brown wet kitten

Alien Wet Kitty Cat 5

"No! You cannot make me talk! I will never divulge the coordinates of my planet defenses. I am loyal! (And very wet! What have you done to me?"

black wet kitten with glowing blue eyes

Alien Wet Kitty Cat 6

"You remember the move 'Rocky'? 'Ain't gonna be no rematch'. That's right! Wait 'til I get done wit' you.!! You can't stop me, not even with water!!"

brown kitty cat all wet

Alien Wet Kitty Cat 7

"How can you be so cruel? Stop it I say! What are you doing? I'm allergic to water! Yes, that's it! I'm allergic to water. It give me a rash. It slows my breathing. Stop!"

little black kitty cat struggling in the bathtub

Alien Wet Kitty Cat 8

"You said you were friends! Look what you've done? How could you do this to me? Gotta get a way. Gotta get away!! Gotta get away!!!

very wet kitten

Alien Wet Kitty Cat 9

"What does it all mean? After all our progress it comes to this? Is there no hope for detente? What? What are you offering me? Really?

forlorn looking wet kitty cat

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