Today's Agenda. What are You Going to Do Today?

What are your plans? What's on your agenda for today?  Do you have any plans, or just expect to react to everyone and everything around you? How about purposefully having an agenda, things that are important to you?

My Agenda for Today

* Smile at a stranger

* Drop a coin where a child can find it

* Learn something new and teach it to someone

* Pay the grocery bill for the elderly lady in front of you

elderly woman having fun

* Tell someone you love them

* Hug someone

* Forgive someone who has wronged you

* Try saying "I'm sorry" when you ought to

* Tell a child how great they are

* Thank an old man for his contribution to community

* Sing a song about Jesus to yourself

* Keep a promise

* Smile at the school children going to school

smiling children

* Slow down and smell the roses

* Call someone just to say hello

* Try listening more than talking

* Stand up for what you believe in

* Truly thank the Starbucks barista

* Thank God for His beautiful Creation

* Encourage someone who is feeling down

* Cherish today as if it were your last one

* Help your friends cherish their days

* Tell someone about Jesus

young boy playing in leaves

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