This Year Live Life to the Fullest

"I want to live life to the fullest".  Is this you? Are you living the crazy, run in circles, its a rat-race-out-there, kind of life? Would you like to step off that fast-paced treadmill for a minute? Check out these babies and toddlers enjoying their moments to the fullest!

baby dressed in bright green with hat

Live Life Like a Baby or Toddler

Only read books that you enjoy . . .

boy toddler with glasses reading book

Play with simple things . . .

toddler reaching for bubble stuff bubbles

Do whatever you want, whenever you want . . .

baby in flower pot with flower crown

Look for affection when you need it . . .

baby sleeping with hand on back

Get serious once in awhile . . .

baby concentrating

Forget about diets . . .

baby caught eating

Show some affection, often.

two babies sleeping face to face

Get angry once in awhile, if you have to.

hatted angry baby looks like Winston Churchill

Change your look, just for the heck of it.

baby with funny hair sticking up

Above all else, be happy, regardless of challenges.

baby smiling while asleep

Strive to:

1.  Live Simply

2.  Love Generously

3.  Care Deeply

4.  Speak Kindly

And leave the rest to God

held baby blinking

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