Have you Learned to Relax?

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Have you learned to relax? This dog has it covered, wearing his red hat, his blue shoes, a soda nearby, and relaxing in a lounge chair. Is relaxing the opposite of stressing? What makes you stress? How do you fill in the blank: "I stress because _______? Practicing relaxing instead!

Here's a relaxing idea:

funny dog picture lounging red hat blue shoes

Don't Stress at the Diagnosis

A man comes hurriedly into the vets office carrying his limp dog in his arms. "I need some help" he says, "I do not know what the problem is with my dog". The vet takes the limp dog and places it on the exam table and proceeds to examine the dog. He turns to the man and says "Sir, I'm sorry to say but your dog has died."

The man obviously greatly upset, says "I want another opinion." Whereupon the vet goes out and brings in a cat whom he places on the table with the dog. The cat sniffs the dog from nose to tail, looks up at the vet and "meows". The vet says to the man "The cat says your dog has died".

tabby cat face close up

The man wants still another opinion, so the vet goes out and brings in a black Labrador who checks out the dog again from nose to tail. After sniffing the dog he looks up at the vet and barks once. The vet turns to the man and says "The dog also says your dog has died."

black lab  close up

With that the man reluctantly asks the vet "OK, how much do I owe you?".

The vet says "that will be $650.00".

"What" the man says, "just to tell me my dog has died?"

The vet says "Well, I would have charged you only $50 for my initial diagnosis, but the Cat Scan and Lab Tests cost $600.00".


Ba Da Bing.

Yes. You knew it was coming!

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