Press Any Key on the Keyboard

Computer Error Message

Press Any Key. What? Where's that? Okay. You've been typing along as usual, when you computer locks up. It's time to reboot.  Again.  For the fourth time today.

Error Message CTRL+ALT+DEL

"Press any key." Yep. You're frustrated, but you've got to finish your project.

Just press any key.

That what is says on your computer monitor.

At least you understand most of the error messages that pop up on you screen.

There's that one message however, that always leaves you scratching your head.  You know, the one that says "press any key". 

What you need is one of those new, high tech, keyboards, to get past this step.

computer keyboard with the any key

Operators are standing by - just call in the next 60 seconds and you can get your very own keyboard with the ANY key!

dos command prompt

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