The Y2K Millennium Bug

Remember the Y2k, year 2000 bug scare? Was the Y2K bug real? Did the world end? Was the Y2K bug hype and fear?

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The Y2K Bug on December 31st, 1999

Do you remember all the preparation for the Y2k Millennium Bug computer meltdown, when the century rolled over, at midnight, December 31, 1999?

If you were there, you know how everyone was worried that the planet would shut down within seconds, after January 1, 2000. This was the day all computers would stop working.

micro chip

It had something to do with how computer codes were written to conserve space, as all years were written in 2 digits instead 3 digits.

Would the world come to a stop? Would there be a worldwide blackout?

Fear ruled and precautions costs millions and millions (maybe bill-yuns and bill-yuns).

But not everyone was alarmed or afraid:

cartoon man typing on a computer

Hmmmmmmmmmm . . .

Perhaps some of those fears were valid . . .

Maybe the Y2k Millennium Bug was real !

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