Dachshund Hot Dog Dogs

Dogs dressed up like Hot Dogs. That's right, our short legged little dachshund friends sporting the latest in dog costume fashion. After all, with a nickname of "wiener dog" and the aptly named "wiener dog" gastro delight, it was inevitable.

Wiener Dog Hot Dog with Mustard

We'd like to thank Dachshund Betsy here for her portrait-like pose, eyes straight at the camera, donning a soft, bun-like costume, accented with a traditional mustard squiggly pattern.

wiener dog hot dog pose

Dachshund Dressed as a Hot Dog with Ketchup

Here's Wiener Dog Bruce showing his best side, accented with the customary hot dog buns on either side of his body, and accented with the ever-favorite ketchup dressing applied nicely on his back.

Dachshund dressed as a hot dog with ketcup

(Is anyone getting hungry)?

(What!  No!)

Dachshund with Fashion Accessories

In addition to the popular hot dog bun side wraps, Marianne is sporting a lovely jeweled necklace collar, and if you look closely, an actual imitation hot dog leash.

Dachshund wiener dog hot dog

Some people like dressing their dogs in human clothes or costumes. Some dogs are especially targeted for this activity. As you have seen, since the dachshund is often called the wiener dog, it's only natural they would become "wieners" wearing hot dog buns eventually.

Dachshunds also Fit on Deli Sandwich Buns

And you have to admit, a small, dachshund wiener puppy Sammy looks awfully cute sitting calmly on a hoagie submarine sandwich bun! Condiments please.

Dachshund hoagie sandwich

Dachshunds South of the Border

Brutus demonstrates the power of thinking out of the box, or, uh, out of the wiener borders, dressed handsomely in this bright yellow taco costume with full guacamole, cheese, sour cream, and chives accents. Note especially his most stunning straw hat head gear!

pug taco costume

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