Hog Hunting Alligator

When would an alligator go hunting for a hog? Alligators are hungry critters after all. And why settle for an unwary squirrel, a lazy catfish, or even a simple meal of flamingo? That is, when you get the chance to eat the whole hog.

Alligator Carrying Hog Captured on Camera

Hog Hunting: You know, sometimes it's hard to tell just what an animal may eat. Of course, when an alligator goes hog hunting it's best to just leave him alone. Like this fellow here, he seems to know exactly where he is going. It's not everyday he finds a wild boar for lunch. Or was he pig hunting?  Quite frankly, he seems happy with whatever he's carrying.  I still think he was hog hunting in the first place!

alligator carrying a hog in its mouth

Okay, you follow him? No? Me either. Why don't we let him wander into the swamp alone for some peace and quiet as he enjoys his dinner?

Fresh Alligator Recipe:


    *  2 pounds cleaned, cubed, skinned alligator tail
    * 4 medium size lean pork chops, boneless, cubed
    * 1 tablespoon garlic
    * 1 tablespoon black pepper
    * 1 tablespoon paprika
    * 4 tablespoons olive oil
    * 1 cup diced onions
    * 2 cups fresh sliced mushrooms
    * 2 large fresh green peppers
    * 1 large fresh yellow pepper

baby reptile alligator crocodile

Put olive oil in an extra large skillet or dutch oven over medium heat.  Add onions and garlic, brown and stir for  3 minutes.  Add cubed pork chops, mix thoroughly.  Add garlic and paprka, stir, cook for 6 minutes. Add alligator tail, green and yellow peppers.  Sitr.  Cook for 3 minutes. Add mushrooms, and black pepper.  Stir, Cook for 3 minutes.

Watch and listen for best heat and cooking.  Heat should be high enough for constant sizzle, very little moisture in skillet or dutch oven, yet not so hot that meats and vegetables stick to surface.  Too hot and you will find a sticky, burned mess.  Too cool and the water inside the meats and vegtables will create a limp, boiled mess.

Check both meats for firmness to be sure cooking is complete.

Garnish with fresh orange slices.


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