Are Gas Prices Too High

Can you laugh about the high price of gas? Me neither. Wonder who IS laughing about it? Oil company exec's? Senators and Congressmen? Middle Eastern Sheik's? Let's have some fun with it anyway? Take a look at Funny Gas Prices humor. Try to smile in the midst of your pain!

Gas Prices Too High

gas prices too high arm and leg

Is the price of gas getting too far out of line?

Are big oil companies asking too much for their gas and oil products?

Are rising gas prices a government conspiracy?

Why do gas prices drop before a major political election?

Why do gas prices rise soon after a new president is elected to office?

Funny gas price cartoon

Remember when it only took _______ dollars to fill your tank? (fill in the blank).

If you remember the early 70's and the "me generation", you could fill your tank for less than $10.

If you remember the late 70's with gasoline lines and government promises to fix it, you could fill you tank for more than $40, after waiting in line for 45-90 minutes.

If you remember the early 80's and the beginning of Reaganomics prosperity, you could fill your tank for less than $20.

spend your tax refund on high priced gasIf you remember the early 90's, you could fill your tank for less than $30.

If you remember 9-11, you could fill your tank afterwards for more than $60.

wife and 2 cars to feed cartoonIf you remember the presidential election of 2008, you could fill your tank for more than $100.

Wow, maybe it's the government we should worry about instead of the oil companies?

So You Want to Buy a Tank of Gas?

you want to buy gas cartoon

Sheep Are Cheaper than Lawn Mower Gas

sheep cheaper than gas for the mower

Gasoline Pump Robbery Suspect

police sketch of gasoline theif

Brinks Truck Robbed of Gasoline

brinks truck gasoline siphoned

Towing May be Cheaper than Buying Gasoline

towing is cheaper than buying gas

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