Mind Guessing Game

Read My Mind - Free Mind Guessing Game.

Have some fun with this brain teaser. It's simple math, letters, and geography. Countries. And colors. Well, and this brain teaser includes fruit. Have some fun!

Please follow the instructions below carefully. Go through each step first before pressing the below button, or you'll only ruin everything!

1.  Think of a number between 1 and 10.

2.  Multiply the number by 9.

3.  Add the digits of your result.

4.  Subtract 5 from your new number.

5.  Match a letter to your number, if 1 = A, 2 = B, 3 = C, etc.

6.  Think of a country that begins with your letter.

7.  Write down the name of that country.

8.  Think of an animal beginning with the second letter of your country.

9.  Think of the color of that animal.

10. Write down the animal and its color.

11. Think of an animal that begins with the last letter of your country.

12. Think of a fruit that begins with the last letter of this second animal.

13. Write down the fruit and the animal.

When you are finished, touch "Analyze".



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