The Funniest Cleaning Signs In The World

Few people would regard cleaning as a fun task, however these hilarious signs might make you think a bit differently about it. Let's face it, nobody enjoys cleaning, especially cleaning up after someone else. Whether it’s a sarcastic warning, a comical caution stand or an inventive poster, these signs are bound to make you smile!  Enjoy these courtesy of! 

Washing Senior Citizens

Just because you’re old doesn’t mean your standards of hygiene have to drop! Or perhaps more likely, this is a sign for a senior’s discount on car washing…

wash and vacuum senior citizens sign

Caution.  Attention.  Man Relaxing.

We love a little bit of sign modification, especially for this wet floor sign. Although people do say how relaxing and therapeutic cleaning can be!

caution attention man relaxing

Bathroom Signs

Workplaces can be a minefield of passive aggressive notes, however these colleagues opted for a different method. After all, who can ignore a Star Wars reference?!

bathroom signs
more bathroom signs

Gentlemen & Ladies in the Bathroom

Messy bathrooms are a pet peeve for most, fortunately this sign is around to show us all the error of our ways.

gentlemen and ladies bathroom sign

Execution in Progress

For everybody’s sake, we hope this is a case of lost in translation.

execution in progress sign

Unless Your Dog can do this:

Dog walkers in this US neighbourhood were treated to a sarcastic sign to encourage them to scoop that poop. Deep down, we hope we hope there’s at least one dog that can do this…

unless your dog can do this sign

Slippery When Wet - like a Bananna Peel

Shaped like a banana skin, this sign is sure to forewarn everyone of a slippery floor, once they’ve got over how clever it is, that is.

banana peel slippery sign

Pick Up After your Dog

Well, they do say prevention is as good a cure. These savvy homeowners are always one step ahead – and we love it!

pick up after your dog

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