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Funny signs capture our active imaginations. You look at them, then say, "What!" You wonder if you read it wrong, or if it was a funny coincidence, or maybe even if someone it putting you on. Don't you love those signs that cause a double-take.

Funniest Cleaning Signs

Few people would regard cleaning as a fun task, however these hilarious signs might make you think a bit differently about it. Let's face it, nobody enjoys cleaning, especially cleaning up after someone else. Whether it’s a sarcastic warning . . .

dont feed the seagulls funny sign

Riding in Grandpa's Car

When I die I want to go peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather did.  Not yelling and screaming like . . .   Read about Grandpa's Car

do not park here sign

Why Women Live Longer than Men

Why do women live longer than men? Maybe men just take more chances, or say things like, "Hey guys, watch this!"

sign beware of falling coconuts

Duck Crossing

It's tough crossing the street when you're a duck.  It's especially tough when crossing with your family.  Good thing . . .  signs can help.

free wifi starting at 59.99

zero percent discount sign

What's the Price of Gas Funny Sign

Is the price of gas getting too far out of line? Are big oil companies and government taxes asking . . .   well, too much for a gallon of gas

unnecessary sign ahead

fasten seatbelt remove dentures sign

minimum maintence warning sign

angel parking only

Funny Customer Service Policy Sign: 

We offer service three ways:  Good, Fast, Cheap.  You can choose any two . .

be prepared for the unexpected
caution sign water on road during rain

Lazy Paint Striper?

When painting, it's always important to properly prepare your painting . . .   Painted Road Kill?

dog guardians funny sign

kids puppy expresso sign

Baby Biker Gets a Speeding Ticket

Did you see they are cracking down on speeding in suburban neighborhoods?  No one is excluded . .   Not even little bikers.

funny husband day care sign

upside down accident sign

pilates or pie and latte

bathing of dogs prohibited

slippery boardwalk sign

stopped traffic funny sign

right way traffic sign

caution minefield sign

Aerial Photo Views of World Cities and Places

Aerial photos offer a new perspective, another way to see the world around us. Look at the world from the view of a pilot. Or with a birds-eye view, the way an eagle sees the world.

slow dogs and children sign

tool rules sign

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