Why Are Dinosaurs Extinct?

Where did the dinosaurs go? It's a question bothering paleontologists for years: Why are dinosaurs extinct? Was it because of dramatic climate change? Did the ice age put an end to their food sources? First the plants died, then the plant eating dinosaurs, then the dinosaur eating dinosaurs. Was it too tough to find lunch, so they just gave up?

What Made Dinosaurs Disappear?

Maybe it was because a really, really big comet hit the earth. Could've happened. Or maybe they were around before The Flood, missed the boat, and were never seen again. Or maybe they just went into disguise, and now we don't notice a when a great big crocodile is discovered it may just be a dinosaur.

Perhaps, just maybe, they all died.

They couldn't make rice, which caused their extinction.

Dinosaurs just couldn't all get along.

No caffeine or sugar made dinosaurs extinct.

Didn't know how to say "SEGA!"

Didn't have Air Conditioning for those hot and humid days.

Dinosaurs couldn't find their MTV or iPhone.

t rex dinosaur in mirror

What Caused Dinosaur Extinction?

The earth said, "pull my finger."

Dinosaurs are extinct because they didn't have sun tan lotion.

They were abducted by aliens.

Those rotten tar pits caused dinosaur extinction.

Decided to look for the Wizard of Oz to get a bigger brain.

Dinosaurs we're secretly killed off by the C.I.A.

Because of their lack of a multi-genetic gene and the change in environment. Dinosaurs were forced into extinction by the fact they could not adapt to the harsh changes brought about to their environment.

So, why dinosaurs are extinct?  Actually, just ignore that last thought.  It's too outrageous to be possible.

Kids Dinosaur Jokes

What should you do if you find a dinosaur in your bed? Find somewhere else to sleep tonight.

Why didn't the dinosaur cross the road? There weren't any roads when dinosaurs were alive.

What do you get when a dinosaur sneezes? You get out of the way.

How do you know if a dinosaur has been in your freezer? Look for their footprints on the frozen pizza and their tongue imprint on the ice cream.

Do you know how long dinosaurs should be fed? The same amount of time it takes to feed short dinosaurs. (Ba Da Bing).

What makes more noise than a dinosaur? Two dinosaurs.

What's as big as a dinosaur but has no weight whatsoever? The dinosaur's shadow.

dinosaur crocodile

What Makes Dinosaurs so Special

They're big. Really, really big! Well, at least some of them are big. Like T-Rex, or if you like, his full name, Tyrannosaurus Rex. And he can run fast too, making it easier to catch his food. (Yes, he ate other dinosaurs and pretty much anything else he could catch.) He also holds the record for being the most famous, starring in more movies than any other dinosaur.

Who can forget the Velociraptors from the movie Jurrassic Park. They're special because they are really, really, really fast. Though not quite as fast as a cheetah. Hey that would make an exciting race, a Velociprator and a Cheetah. If they had actually lived a the same time. In the same place. And could run from point A to point B without stopping to stalk each other. Probably best it couldn't happen. Might have a really bad ending for one of them.

velociraptor like dinosaur

Then there's Triceratops. With those 3 horns he had a distinct advantage over other critters with 2 horns.  Hmmm, makes you wonder too, if he had 3 horns, others had 2, were there 1 horn unicorns around at the same time?

Pterodactyls are very special because there having never been any pterodactyls. What? Pterodactyl is a popular synonym for the pterosaurs like Pteranodon and Pteodactylus, which drive paleontologists a bit crazy. After all, they want to be precise. Pterodactyls, (we'll stick with the popular name) are very special since they can fly too. After all, can you imagine a flying Brachiosaurus?

pterodactyl like dinosaur

And have you ever heard of a Troodon? With a size like a large dog, though about twice as long ,Troodons are special because of their brains. Yes, based on the size of their brain compared to their body, they just might have been the smartest dinosaurs on the planet. At least it's a reasonably hypothesis based on the physical evidence.

And the Brachiosaurus was up there in that BIG category too, weighing up to 60 tons. Let's see 60 tons is the same as about 240,000 Big Macs. Wow!  Or 40 Nissan Sentras, depending on optional equipment of course. That's as big as a house if you have a modest sized house!

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