My Story:  Dad and The Game

Billy loved to play football, it had been his passion ever since he could remember. The first day of try outs at his high school he showed up, and tried as hard as he could. He wasn't spectacular but the coaches saw how much heart and desire for the game so they let him stay on the freshman squad. He never played but was always the first person at practice and the last one to leave. Billy never missed a game.

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At every game his father would be in the stands yelling and scream for the team, and his son.

The years went by, and Billy barely made it through try outs, but his desire for the game always secured him a spot on the football team, and his dad would always be there for support. Finally when he was a senior they let him be on the varsity team as a reward for all his hard work. The weeks and weeks went by and Billy would always sit the bench, and yet his dad would always cheer.

Before one game the coach came in and was surprised not to see Billy sitting outside by the door waiting for the coach to unlock the door, and the coach just thought that he had some test he had to make up or something, but time went by and it was time to go out to the field, and there was still no Billy. It was a hard fought game and by half time the score was tied up at 24 - 24. When they went back to the locker room they walked in on Billy getting his uniform on and ready to come out with his team.

The coach asked, "Billy, you have never been late for a game in your life, why didn't you show up today?"

Billy replied, "I'm sorry coach but my father just passed away."

With under a minute left in the game, still tied 24-24 Billy came up to the coach and said, "Coach, I'm ready to go in the game and play."

The coach was reluctant because it was a close game, but he felt bad that the season was coming to an end and Billy had never played, and Billy's father had just passed away.

At the first play after Billy got in, they handed him the ball and Billy ran like no one had ever seen him run before. He scored without being touched, and he passed the goal line as time ran out. Everyone hoisted Billy up and carried him around for winning the game for the team.

After the game the coach came up to him and said, "I had never seen you play like that, what got into you?"

Billy replied, "Well, this is the first time my dad has seen a game."

Confused about Billy's comment, the coach said, "Why is that, he's been at all your games?"

Billy simply said, "Well, my dad was blind, and now he is in heaven and can see my game."

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