Yawning is Contagious.

"Contagious yawning." You know it's true. You yawn and people around you yawn. They can't help but yawn! Try to be the exception. Look at your cat yawning, then try, just try not to yawn. Or watch your dog after you yawn, does it yawn too? Okay, you're still skeptical. Take the challenge! Looks at these pictures and Do Not Yawn!

Contagious Yawning

Babies make us yawn:

little baby yawning widely

Are you starting to feel the urge? Is your mouth becoming dry? Or are you salivating? It's not just babies, cats and dogs make us yawn too:

kitty cat yawning

Yes, dogs:

greyhound dog yawn

Here is some serious contagious yawning

Lions yawn:

lion yawning

Tigers yawn:

tiger yawn

And bears yawn:  (Oh My!)

brown bear yawn

Okay, be honest now. You're already yawning. Admit it. You even yawned a couple of times so far. Or do you need some more encouragement? Are you one of the rare breed of folk that can withstand the universal law of yawning? How about these?

baby yawning

newborn yawning

Or this?

girl yawning

Or these?

lionesses yawn

kitty yawn

Give up yet?

cat on back yawning

How did  you do?  Were you the lone hold-out. In full control and able to look at each of these without yawning at all? If so, look at each one of the dozen yawns here again. Spend a full 20-30 seconds looking at each picture. Consider yourself triple dog dared to try it.  Then test your friends. See how many yawns you can get from them. Declare yourself the champion! Most yawns or least, you pick!

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