Where is My Balance

Do you find yourself making that statement?  "Where is my balance?" If this is you, start by asking yourself, what makes my life out of balance? Do I work too much? Do I work too little? Do I start every day with purpose, with a vision for the day, and the future? Or is finding your own balance challenged by all the reactive tasks, people, and events in your life?  Is it time to change?

"I Want to Find My Balance"

Start by taking inventory. Even when completely out of balance and overwhelmed, you have to start somewhere. Something has to give, if just for an hour or more to start.

What do you want your life to look like in 1 year? In 3 years? In 10 years?

What are your personal goals? Spiritual goals? Family goals? Career goals? Financial goals? Relationship goals.  Be specific and write them down now.

What are your greatest challenges to meeting these goals? What are your Pain Points? Pain Points are those problems that demand your attention. Like a big rock in the middle of a river, all the water has to flow around it or over it. It blocks the rivers natural coarse.

Is your Pain Point your job? Do you love what you do? Does it meet your basic financial needs? - That's right, basic needs, not spending for everything you want. Life is too short to spend every day in a job you hate. Follow your passion and do what you love - get past the short-sighted financial pain point by eliminating every non-essential expense for a short term to pursue it.

Is your Pain Point with another person? A relationship issue? Be honest with yourself and with that person. Be the adult. Talk with them as an adult. Have that difficult conversation that can be the first step toward healing, and a wonderful future. If a relationship is so bad it leads to personal abuse, alcohol or drug abuse, or depression, it may be time to move on before it destroys you, or both of you, completely.

thoughtful man

Finding Balance in Life

Facing anything like this is a major challenge. There's a hint of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Don't get carried away thinking about that one, just realize you have choices in life. You can be part of the solution, or you can continue to be part of, or enable the problem.  If you are deep in debt, you don't need a new TV, a new cell phone, or a new car. You need a firm budget and you need to stick to it.

beautiful reflective sunset on lake

Take a minute to notice the reflection of the sunset, in the lake above.  It's a common picture found in the natural beauty of our surroundings, as our world was created by a God of order.  He provides examples of balance all around us such as this scene above.

Today Begin Your Own Journey Toward Balance

Are you ready to get started? Begin with yourself and take action today.

Attitude - by Chuck Swindoll

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