A Time to Tear Down, A Time to Build

Rot. Filth. Disease. Decay.

When is the right time to tear down something? 

berlin wall tumbles headlines

A time to tear down. To level. To raze. Have you ever watched a building implode?  It's amazing how dynamite and explosive charges can be used so effectively. Placed carefully, they allow the controlled demolition of a building or bridge.

Tearing down implies removing the old. The obsolete. The has-been, The what-was.

To tear down whispers that the original is no longer needed. It has outlived it's useful life.



And then it is time to build.

Building raises feelings of newness.

New life. New Beginnings. New hope and expectations for the future.

Are you building? A new house? Building a new deck? Building relationships in a new job? A new church? A new town?

new house construction framing

How about building a family? Getting married? Welcoming a new baby into your family?

There's something very positive about building.

Have you ever watched a young child building with Lego's? They explore, fit them together one way, then another. Their creativity knows no bounds as they build their building, car, castle, ship, or fort.

What are you building? What new, exciting, project are you starting today?

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