A Time to Tear and a Time to Mend

Tearing and mending. Words common to a tailor or seamstress. Or a tentmaker, Or one who makes sails for ships. Sometimes repairing or creating something new requires tearing away the old first.

ship sails

Tentmaking is an ancient art, and Paul was a tentmaker nearly 2000 years ago. (Act 18:3). Ships sails are made from the same basic canvas materials, sewn together to the make the desired shapes.

Whether in a tent in the year 58 AD, or the year 2010, storms arise. High winds are a natural part of worldwide weather patterns, and take their toll on tents and sails.

Those winds, and rain, and hail, and sun, and dry rot can weaken your tent, or your sail significantly. When the canvas fails, you must tear out the damaged sections to repair them. You must tear away the parts that can no longer hold the fabric together.

mending hands

Then you must mend it.

The time to mend begins as you carefully cut the new material. Mending joins old and new together, to form a bond, not easily broken.

Mending serves to restore the integrity of your tent, or sail.

Mending can be effective and beneficial beyond just the physical touch of canvas. Mending a broken heart? Mending a marriage? Mending a relationship? 

Who can you call today, to mend your relationship?

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