A Time to Scatter Stones and a Time to Gather Them

When you were a kid, did you like scattering stones? Or was it more fun to gather stonesthem up?

You are 8 years old. You're walking along the edge of the creek, you know, the one your mom always tells you to stay away from. You and your best friend Tommy are enjoying a beautiful summer morning. School has only been out for a week and a half.

You are walking through the trees and brush, along the left bank, as you come upon the big right bend in the creek. This is the spot! The creek is only narrow enough to jump across or follow the rocks across in a few places.  And this is where the creek widens out, there is no way to cross here unless you want to get wet!

This is also where the small gravel bar formed. It's got some great flat, skipping stones, but you have to look a bit to find them. There's a smooth grey and white one! Just the right size for your hand. And a smaller red one, must have some clay or iron in it.

As so the morning passes. You and Tommy have some great throws. He skipped one 7 times, wow! Not to be outdone, you searched again for that really light weight, pancake thin, smooth flat one. You knew when you found it you had what you needed. 8 skips! Doesn't get much better than that!

Scattering stones. It sure was fun as a kid, wasn't it? 

Of course, no one stays a kid forever. It's been 31 years since that beautiful summer day, and skipping stones by the old creek.

You've grown up, settled down, gotten married, and even have a couple of boys of your own. You're youngest just turned 8 this year as a matter of fact. And today is a big day for him.

You make your living as a builder. Stone faced homes in the country are your specialty. And today is National Bring Your Child to Work Day. He'll be with you all day on the job site.

It takes you back to that day by the creek. Searching, finding, selecting just the right stone to skip across the creek. There's more method now, but you've built a reputation for superior workmanship, because you take care to choose just the right stones for the homes you build.

adobe indian dwelling

Each one must complement the others. The sizes, shapes, textures, colors, must all work together in unity. The finished home displayes strength and character through the careful placement of these stones.

Like the building, how do you spend your time? Scattering stones, or gathering them together?

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