A Time to Plant, A Time to Uproot

Whether farmer or city-dweller, most people realize there is a certain time of the year to plant crops and vegetables.

Planting comes in the spring. That's why it's called "planting season". The ground is plowed, tilled, and weeded. Seeds are planted, watered, and fertilized.  Planting is the beginning, the start of new life.

beautiful flowers growing in an old car

The process begins with the basics.  Dirt.  And a single seed. And the seed must die. And seem to decay. This life process become visible when the seed begins to sprout.

As it rises above the ground and is joined by other seeds, a glimpse of the potential plant emerges. A small bean seed can become a tall and strong stalk, dwarfing the original seed many times over.

The balance in life, and in nature, includes harvesting time.  A time to uproot.  The moment when a plant matures, and is ripe for the picking.

Uprooting a vegtable for harvest is good. It has been a time of celebration for peoples and cultures across the globe, and across the centuries.

The time to uproot may include removing weeds from your yard, or a field of crops. The good plant may be choked and hurt if the weeds are not uprooted.

new onions growing

Can the good in your life, your times of planting, be upset? Can the weeds in yourrelationships with others create problems? Are there important times of uprooting in your life that may be good?  And how does planting and uprooting fit with the rest of your life?

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