A Time to Keep and a Time to Throw Away

A time to keep. What do you keep? Are you a collector of coins? A collector of stamps? Do you keep Christmas ribbons and bows to use next year? Do you keep a scapbook or photo album with special memories?

We keep people close to our hearts. We keep our favorite books, music, and movies nearby. We keep our favorite jeans,  jacket, or dress at easy reach. We protect things in lockboxes, cases, and plastic covers from damage and the elements.

We find time to keep something, to save, to protect, or to have it readily available. There is a sense of permanence, a sense of making something last for a lifetime. Traditional marriage vows  included the phrase, "to have and to keep, until death do us part." A vow of love and committment for a lifetime is "to keep" without comparision.

How do you know when it is time to throw away something? Many things in our modern world are designed to throw away after serving their purpose. Paper plates, plastic silverware, batteries, grocery bags all have a short life. After one, or several uses, they are used up, and thrown away.

Other things are designed and rushed to market, with an expected short life expectancy. They become obsolete quickly, replaced with newer, faster, cheaper, products to meet the same end-user needs.  Eight track tapes, cassettes, CDs, and MP3s. What's next? The Commodore 64, DOS, 386, 486, Pentiums were common buzz words a few short years ago. Now they are already disappearing from the lexicon.

full kitchen trash can

Besides throwing away the "things" around us, do you throw away relationships at times? A friendship that breaks apart, or drifts apart slowly. Have you been on the receiving end of a broken relationship, leaving you feeling that you were thrown away?

There is a time to throw away things and bad habits. Some are designed for the short term, some are detrimental. Distinguishing and valuing the "things to keep" from the "things to throw away", that is the balancing act that takes practice and wisdom. 

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