A Time to Be Silent and a Time to Speak

Silent Movies. The symphony. A child during the dinner prayer. Sitting in a crowded theatre. At church during the sermon. In class when the professor is lecturing. In a conversation when you are the listener.

All are times to be silent.

Shhhh be silent

Silence is more than just an absence of noise.

Silence is a doorway beyond all that is demanded of you, and happening all around you.

To be silent is to realize more of the unnoticed in life. The robin stepping softly across the grass, as if walking on air. The leaf brushing lightly against the rain gutter.

God whispers quietly when we are silent enough to hear Him. The Holy Spirit is a gentlemen, speaking ever so delicately, yet with great purpose.

Are you sometimes silent enough to hear?

And yet silence has a balance, and there is also a time to speak!

As a parent when your young daughter is about to cut herself with a sharp knife, you must speak immediately, with authority in your voice!

When your friend is wrongly accused, it is a time to speak in their defense.

speak clearly

When your son is honored for scoring the winning touchdown for his team, your words of pride ring loud and clear.

When you realize how much Jesus gave for you, His very life, you speak words of thanks. You humbly speak words of gratitude. You speak words of praise to all who can hear!

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