A Time for War and a Time for Peace

Wow. Powerful words. A time for war. Is war ever just, the right response to a wrong action? Is war alway injust, the wrong response to a wrong action?

Is war an inevitable part of human existence?

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The study of human history is often a study of people, separated and measured by the wars of their times. War has defined the end of a kingdom, and the rise of another.

    In the ancient world:

  •         The Babylonian Empire
  •         The Medo-Persian Empire
  •         The Greek Empire
  •         The Roman Empire

    In the modern world:

  •         World War I
  •         World War II

And the countless wars, invasions, and battles through the ages:  Genghis Khan and the Mongol Invasion, The Napoleonic Wars, An Shi Rebellion, Thirty Years War, Korean War,  Civil Wars, American Revolutionary War, Sino-Japanese War, The Vietnam War, The War in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Perhaps Solomon included "a time for war" as he observed mankind and our actions.

Yet, Solomon does not stop with war, leaving us without hope.  He continues the thought with "a time for peace".

Each of the wars mentioned, was separated, before and after, with a time of peace.

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Peace is desired, sought after, and to be welcomed and prolonged whenever possible. Jesus spoke of peace in the Beatitudes:

    "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God."

                  ~ Mathew 5:9 NIV

Consider yourself fortunate and blessed, if you live in a place, and a time, of peace. And strive to be a peacemaker.

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