Christmas Mishaps and Insurance Claim Stories

What could go wrong at Christmas? After all, you plan, prepare, make lists, check them twice, and thoroughly look at every detail to create the perfect Christmas. This includes the shopping and presents. And It includes in-laws, out-laws, friends, and a few relatives we only claim at Christmas. Don't forget the formal Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, turkey, ham, green bean casserole, honey candied yams, dressing with craisins, twice baked potatoes, home made turkey dressing, and apple, pumpkin, and pecan pie for dessert!

The Hungry Puppy

Over indulging during the Christmas holiday season is anticipated, and expected. For one little beagle, at just a year old, Butchy took it a bit too far last year.

Butchy promptly attacked the pies with a vengeance when everyone stepped away from the kitchen.  While pumpkin pie was not obviously a favorite, Butchy managed to lick, bite, gobble or destroy 6 of them.  The 2 apple pies, and 3 pecan pies did not fare much better, especially with the puppy's love of sweets and the rich pecans. This treat included the foil pie pans and plastic wrap.

hungry puppy eyes and nose

Butchy's owner Betty Lou returned to the kitchen after adding the final touches to the Christmas tree, and colorful garland to the fireplace mantle. "I went back into the kitchen and found Butchy lying in the middle of the floor, on his back, with feet in the air. His belly was nearly double it's normal size. I had to make an emergency trip to the vet immediately. And yes, she made a mess in my car when she got sick!"

The vet said there was not much more he could do. He gave me some laxative pills for Butchy, so he could pass the sharp foil pieces without serious stomach damage.

Naturally Betty Lou submitted a claim to her insurance company for the trip to the vet and the prescription. Cleaning the car, that's on her own shoulders. Way to go Butchy!

TV Disaster Claim

Be aware of the dangers of the latest electronic gift craze. Xbox®, Nintindo Wii®, and Play Station® will all provide hours of excitement and enjoyment for your growing family. A recent example is from Albert & Alex, two brothers who concentrated competitively at the game on the screen. When the competition rose to a crescendo, with voices raised, Alex lifted his right arm, throwing the controller at the TV screen with the precision of a baseball fast pitch!  The resulting insurance claim for $1123 for replacement of their new 60 inch Vizio® television was denied.

Christmas Tree Candles

Even the title hints at the problem here. It seems Louise Jackson wanted the Christmas atmosphere of an 18th century olde world scene in and around her house. Clearly this meant rejection of modern electric Christmas lights, and a return to the time honored tradition of using candles on her Christmas tree.  (Yes, you see where this is going . . . ) When Louise ran over to the neighbors to borrow 2 cups of sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla for her Chocolate Christmas cookies, she stayed a bit too long. By the time she returned, the candles had caught the tree on fire, which spread to the drapes, the furniture, and the walls.


The fire department was only able to salvage the shell of the house by the time the fire was put out. Her insurance agent suppressed a number of piercing responses, just nodding from time to time, as she requested replacement of her $355,000 home, damaged "through no fault of her own."

Stories of Gifts and Thieves

Christmas can also be rich pickings for thieves, with so many presents lying around. But, with pets and children running amok, losses are more likely to occur through general mishaps. Insurance claims can run into thousands of Dollars, Euros, Pounds, or whatever you use to pay your bills. Insurance companies have been known to automatically increase homeowners insured values for the holidays due to all the Christmas presents in the home.

"At Christmas, we see insurance claims that don't occur at other times of the year because people do things in their home they don't usually do, such as taking festive lights out of a damp loft. These can pose a fire hazard. People just need to be more aware of risks. Whatever you do, don't leave electrical lights on when you leave the house." ~ attributed to an insurance executive.

"And be especially wary of where you place your gifts. A big screen TV wrapped near your very-visible Christmas Tree is an open invitation to thieves. That large box labeled DELL® is no surprise to your kids under the tree, or to thieves.

man smiling in hawaiian shirt

Outrageous Christmas Time Insurance Claims

"While driving to the Christmas Eve service, I glanced over at my mother-in-law in the passenger seat, and must have blanked out, before finding myself at the bottom of the embankment.'"  ~ name withheld

"I opened the oven to check the turkey. I had my baster and meat thermometer in one hand, and a potholder in the other. Plus, I had on those big fluffy oven mitts because I knew the oven would be hot. But I didn't know the turkey would be so heavy. It literally jumped out of my hands. That's why I am submitting this claim for new carpet. It was stained beyond repair from the turkey and drippings. ~ Margery Holmes.

"I awoke Christmas morning 'after a long winters nap.' I just wanted to say that. But I really did wake up Christmas morning to a bad surprise. The refrigerator defrosted completely, there was water everyone. The rib-eye steaks and pork cutlets were ruined, along with most of Christmas dinner. And the floor has water damage. How do I go about submitting an insurance claim?  ~ William Henry.

"'The day after Christmas I was on the way to the doctors with rear-end trouble when my universal joint gave way." ~ Bertha Mulldridge.

"While moving furniture around for Christmas dinner, I tripped over the electrical plug when carrying the TV set, and dropped it into the fireplace." ~ Marty Miller

The Nativity Manger A Child  

Seven year old Emily was drawing a picture of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus, in the middle of the Nativity Manger scene. In the corner of the stable, she drew a large, fat man. When her mother asked about it, Emily said:

"Oh, that man is 'Round John Virgin'."

Doctor Check Up in December

Four year old Ruthie was visiting her pediatrician for a check-up. When Doctor Wilson looked into her ears with his otoscope, he said:

"Do you think I'll find an elf in here?"

Ruthie was silent.

little girl in santa costume

So Doc Wilson reached for a tongue depressor and looked down her throat. He asked:

"Do yo think I'll find Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer down there?

Again, Ruthie was silent.

Then Doctor Wilson put on his stethoscope and began listening to her heart beat. And he asked:

"Do you think I'll find Santa in there?"

This time Ruthie replied:

"Oh no."

"Jesus is in my heart."

"Santa is on my underpants."

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