Wet Kitty Cats

Wet Kitties. There just nothing like a wet cat or wet kitties. (Perhaps it's good cats have 9 lives). A wet cat does not look like a cat.  A wet dog looks like a wet dog. A wet kitty Looks more like an A-L-I-E-N than a feline.

A Wet Dog Still Looks Like a Dog

two girls washing a blond dog

friendly dog

A Wet Kitty Looks Like an Alien Kitty

funny looking wet orange tabby kitty

Alien Kitty 2

wet little black kitty

Alien Kitty 3

wet black and white kitty cat

Alien Kitty 4

wet little orange kitty cat

Alien Kitty 5

midnight black kitty cat with bright glowing blue eyes

Alien Kitty 6

wet brown kitten frowning

Alien Kitty 7

wet black kitty with claws extended

Alien Kitty 8

wet kitty black and white photo

Alien Kitty 9

wet kitty cat with big bright orange eyes

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